Exchange Process

Petroleum Strategies, Inc. (PSI), provides Qualified Intermediary services for IRS Section 1031 transactions. Consultation services are provided to help refine procedures in handling exchanges and in structuring the transaction to the client’s best advantage. This includes access to our exchange documents, which has been prepared using the services of legal experts in the oil & gas industry and specialists in Section 1031. Although recognized for its expertise in oil & gas transactions, PSI has also provided service in a vast number of real estate exchanges.

The company’s ongoing involvement is to act as Intermediary in our clients’ exchange transactions, with the aim being to provide the best possible service at a reasonable price. Transactions can be handled on very short notice through the use of fax, phone, e-mail, and overnight delivery services. Our experience includes working with clients with a range in exchange value from $20,000 to $2.4 billion. Dozens of transactions are processed each week, and clients’ rating of our performance is excellent.

PSI and its principals have a wide range of experience in the petroleum industry. Their combined knowledge of property sale and acquisition methods includes negotiated sales, auctions, bid packages and property-for-property exchange transactions. Since 1991, PSI has participated in approximately $47 billion dollars in 1031 sale transactions. PSI was the first exchange company to suggest the use of an Intermediary at an oil & gas property auction. Consultation was arranged with the auctioneer to make the exchange as swift as possible, while still complying with regulations to receive the benefit. When necessary, PSI also helps its clients to structure and facilitate reverse exchanges.

In an effort to provide more detailed information on like-kind exchanges, included on this website is information on: Like-Kind Exchanges of Oil & Gas Interests and Reverse Exchanges After Revenue Procedure 2000-37. All rights to this information are reserved.

It is the desire of the PSI staff to establish a relationship that gives our clients access to the best service possible in facilitating like-kind exchanges. Our experience in the oil & gas industry, combined with expertise in exchange services, gives PSI a unique ability to assist a company in its overall strategy relating to the acquisition and divestment of any asset class. Our performance provides assurance that you will want to continue to work with us over a long term. If we can be of service to you in facilitating a 1031 like-kind exchange transaction, please call us.