Company Story & Background

Founded in 1991, Petroleum Strategies Inc. is one of the nation's oldest and most trusted providers of Qualified Intermediary services for energy clients looking to structure tax deferred exchanges under IRC Section 1031. Petroleum Strategies is unique in that it is the only Qualified Intermediary in the nation that focuses primarily on the oil & gas sector, with the industry expertise needed to handle the complex issues surrounding these large energy asset transactions. Over the past two decades, Petroleum Strategies has facilitated over $47 billion of exchange transaction proceeds, which is unprecedented in this industry. Petroleum Strategies and our team of experts have enabled our clients to successfully and seamlessly defer hundreds of millions of capital gains tax dollars over the years.

Due to this vast industry specific experience, energy clients throughout the United States choose Petroleum Strategies as their 1031 provider. Complex oil & gas transactions are our specialty, and we have the full service capabilities, which both corporate clients and independents look for in a Qualified Intermediary. Our reach includes the technical experience, safety of funds, in house CPA and attorney, strong legal documents, exchange structure options, industry knowledge, tax expertise and the strategic deferral solutions to preserve your tax dollars.