Escrow Agent Services

Petroleum Strategies provides traditional escrow services, and routinely serves as Escrow Agent on a wide variety of client transactions. This ranges from holding earnest funds, true-up payments, legal judgements, and other deposits requiring a third-party Escrow Agent. These funds are securely held in a segregated account at our bank partner until directed to be released by joint written instruction by the parties. If requested, we can hold signed documents on behalf of the seller and buyer and release when requested per instructions in the escrow agreement. Our flat fee structure is reasonable, and is often split by the parties. The escrow process is very collaborative, we start with our standard Escrow Agreement, share this with the parties, and allow the client and lawyers to re-work this document to suit their specific needs. This is an efficient process that provides the buyer and seller with the customization they require. Please contact us with any questions you may have on your escrow opportunities.